What travel bloggers spend their time on
The survey: "Drag & drop the following activities in order of how much time you spend during an average week." [c/o TBEX]
The results ("Score is a weighted calculation. Items ranked first are valued higher than the following ranks, the score is the sum of all weighted rank counts.")
Total Respondents: 339
Writing travel blog posts 1842 Rank 1
Social media engagement 1609 Rank 2
Story research 1287 Rank 3
Photo or video editing 1266 Rank 4
Reading / answering email 1261 Rank 5
Reading other blogs 1234 Rank 6
Commenting on other blogs 784 Rank 7

I spent part of March and most of April on the road, in Tuscany, researching an update to a major guidebook (about which more soon), but while I was away one or two things have appeared on- and…

If ‘Arry joins #cfc (PLEASE LET IT BE TRUE), any chance he’ll take Joe Cole back you think? #lfc

Asking on Quora: Why is “soda water” so much more expensive than sparkling mineral water? What’s the magic ingredient?

Old Chinese proverb: “To find some hay in your box of strawberries is reassuring. To find a tarantula with your bananas is just scary.”

Interesting summer exhibition, near Turin

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BEAUTIFUL ITALY: Art and identity of the capital cities

Scuderie Juvarriane at the Reggia di Venaria

Until 11 September 2011

Within the impressive setting of the Scuderie Juvarriane at the Reggia di Venaria, more than 300 Italian

masterpieces reveal the progress of art from the medieval period to the eve of 1861 by means of the

pre-Unification capitals: Turin, Florence, Rome, Milan, Venice, Genoa, Bologna, Naples and Palermo.

The exhibition shows the image of the various cities – their culture, traditions and historic-artistic

heritage – as seen by the major historical artists: Giotto, Beato Angelico, Donatello, Raphael,

Leonardo, Botticelli, Bronzino, Titian, Veronese, Correggio, Caravaggio, Rubens, Tiepolo, Canova,

Hayez and many more. A path that reveals the profile of Italian art and style.

US homicide rate since 1700 (c/o @jamescrabtree)

US homicide rate since 1700 (c/o @jamescrabtree)

Seriously good mod track #kentishtown

Birdsong in Dalston
Good Friday procession, Volterra, Tuscany

Been there, so many times. Proper funny pics. RT @CTD: RT @rob_omatic: Flickr gallery - people asleep in libraries.

Indeed. RT @MissExpatria: WiFi, WiFI. FREE WiFi, that is. RT @SofitelMontreal: What is the most important thing when booking a #hotel?

Time for a cold Jaipur. ‘Tis Britain’s best ale, and I won’t be gain-sayed:

Obviously I’d followed @nerdseyeview for yonks. But I only really dug around her blog y’day; then read it cover to cover. Effortless writer.

Lots of sites promise more Twitter follows. But I want fewer: anyone know tool to cull non-active followers? Not spam; already cleaned those